Scam Callers

Dated: 10/25/2017

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Just want to put this out there... 


Quite often, I get a call from a person who claims they are from Microsoft and my computer has sent them messages and is full of viruses and they want to fix it for me. 

********************* NOT TRUE **************************

A common scam is someone gets a call from Microsoft that their computer just has been infected. MICROSOFT WILL NEVER CALL YOU. Don’t fall for this scam. Hang up and immediately reboot your computer.

The scam usually entails the scammer telling you they are from Microsoft and that you need to take immediate action to remove a dangerous virus. They will ask you to pay for and download a piece of software or ask to take control of your computer. Two things can happen here. First, they get your credit your information, which of course is bad. Also, the software you download to let them take control of your computer will allow them to steal anything that is on your computer, including personal information for identity theft or download other malware.

Never give out personal information to someone you do not know.
Never accept a phone call from a computer tech unless you initiated the call and know who you are calling. Simply hang up
Never let someone take control of your computer unless you initiated the call to a reputable computer technician


If you have time... you can talk to them for a while.... act confused... pretend to follow their instructions... 

Or ... tell them you only use MAC computers! 

Ask where their office building is located. 

React with Joy... they must know where your "stolen" computer is if they are still getting messages from it... 

What ever you decide to do... do not give them access to your computer. 

Update passwords routinely. 

Never give out passwords. Change your passwords if you think they have been compromised. 

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