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Good afternoon Everyone,

This is my very first blog with JMW Realty, Services and I wanted to start off with a speech that I have always wanted to share with others.  Its May and June is right around the corner. As you know, it is very important to have a business plan. It is important to have a business plan, because a business plan allows you to see your strategy, it allows you to understand you purpose, and hopefully an EXIT STRATEGY.

A man named Michael Gerbert wrote a book, E-Method and he tells the story of a guy named Pat and a guy named Sam. They both started their business at the same time. While no one hears about Pats Diner, everyone knows the story about Sam Waltons Walmart. And that is because of the different perspective and how he showed it.

Because in this business, it is not about doing. Its not about doing the things you have to do to run your business. Its not about that. EVERYONE has to do that. It is about being in BUSINESS under MODE. And when youre in that mode, that is when you see your vision, understand purpose, see your strategy, and find PASSION. Because no one can wake up and say "I AM GOING TO BE PASSIONATE TODAY!" or no one can open their drawer and say "ILL OPEN MY DRAWER AND FIND SOME PASSION!" Actually, no one really knows where passion comes from. But its shows up when youre working on your creation. 

Now there is one thing that stops you from doing your creation. And thats you. I say this respectfully because I know I personally have had to overcome. Its your FEAR. its your LACK OF BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE. its your lack of TIME MANAGEMENT. and once  YOU is removed. Once the "problem" is removed... There are endless possibilities. It will be a great year here in 2016! Best to our future endeavors!

Thank you,

Nic Medalla

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